High demand for flu vaccine? But do you still need to wait?

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Who needs flu vaccine? The U.S. recommends it for everyone starting at 6 months of age. But flu is most dangerous for people over age 65...(read more)

Taiwan marks 200 days without local coronavirus case

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In addition to complying with government regulations, Taiwanese are also very discipline.Not only wash your hands often when you are in public, wear a mask...(read more)

COVID-19 is everywhere, Your choice for safety and protection against the new crown virus | Apollo Sterilization Box
As long as you go out, there are dangers everywhere. What's more terrifying is that you don't know where it is?! In order to respond to all kinds of sterilized items Aeon Biotechnology...(read more)

Trump’s Calamitous Coronavirus Response is a disaster| Apollo high power UVC LED sterilization box can bring you a new chapter
There is no political purpose just to help the world return to normal life. Taiwan manufactures Apollo high-power and low-energy UVC LED smart sterilization boxes. Yes, we can help, and...(read more)

In this pandemic, all flights stopped…Boy, 11, during 93-day trek over 1,700 miles to the England by walking just because missed his grandma. Apollo sterilization box can helping you return to ordinary normal life
When was start that to meet our family and friends then as usual but gets hard and...(Read more)

Covid-19 herd immunity theory dealt blow. Apollo sterilization box can kill the virus at every moment
After the coronavirus is cured, it will be able to produce antibodies on its own and will not be infected again? The human body's immune system is powerful, but it is still not as good as this unknown and cunning coronavirus...(Read more)

J&J Vaccine Pause!
Apollo sterilization box no side effects|The terminator of the virus
Are you struggling to wait a effective vaccine to fix all the mess?Vaccine enters human clinical testing with serious side effects, Apollo sterilization box with medical grade...(Read more)

Coronavirus vaccine made a health man to be a guinea pigs? Apollo sterilization box effectively destroys the virus, safe and guaranteed|no side effects
Mankind developed the first LED since 1907 now it has matured. Also developed UVC germicidal lamps that only exist in space which Used in a safe...(Read more)

UVC LED  高功率紫外線燈











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